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5 Benefits of Backyard Chickens

  1. They make beautiful, entertaining pets
  2. Cruelty-free eggs
  3. Educational for the whole family
  4. Garden pest control
  5. High-quality fertilizer for your yard and garden

5 Reasons to Rent Chickens First

  1. To be sure they are right for you without the ten year or more lifespan committment 
  2. You will always have hens at the peak of their egg laying ability
  3. You won't have to care for an outside pet in frigid temperatures
  4. You get one-on-one, hands-on training that is customized to meet your needs
  5. No risk of getting a noisy rooster that you will have to rehome
Rental Packages
  1. Backyard Beauty Package
    Backyard Beauty Package
    The Backyard Beauty Package comes with two hens that are reliable producers of white or brown eggs. The rooftop garden features a variety of flowering plants that are bursting with color to complete your backyard landscape.
  2. Backyard Chicken Blues Package
    The Backyard Chicken Blues Package features two Easter Egger hens that lay visually stunning blue eggs. These unique eggs taste the same as white or brown eggs but will be the talk of any dinner party. The rooftop garden features blooms of many shades of blue.
  3. Seasoned Chicken Package
    The Seasoned Chicken Package features two hens that will lay either brown, tinted, or white eggs. The rooftop garden contains a variety of herbs used in everyday cooking.
Rental Package Features
  1. Two Egg-Laying Hens
    We have several chicken breeds available. Find hens that match your personality and style!
  2. One Chicken Coop
    Packages include one fully-enclosed, predator-proof chicken coop with more than enough room to keep two hens comfortable in all kinds of weather. Coops include two nesting boxes, a roosting bar, and a coop top garden.
  3. Scratch Grains
    Chickens love snacks, so we are sending them with one of their favorites. This 10lb bag of scratch grains will provide two hens with enough snacks for quite a while.
  4. Live Container Garden
    All rental packages come with either a flower or kitchen herb garden as a standard feature.
  5. Poultry Feed and Water System
    Chickens require clean food and water at all times. The provided system makes it easy to give them both.
  6. Organic Layer Feed
    We give you a 10 lb. bag of organic layer feed to make sure you have everything you need from the first day.
  7. One Dust Bath
    Chickens need to take a dust bath every day to prevent lice and mite infestations. We send them with a box filled with wood ash and sand to get you started.
  8. Nesting Material
    You will receive a small bale of hay for your gals to use to make their nests.
  9. Backyard Chickens for Beginners
    This concise backyard chicken manual by author R.J. Ruppenthal contains all of the information you need to safely provide care to your hens.
  10. Free Delivery, Set-up, and Removal
    There is no charge to deliver within a 50 mile radius of both Murrysville and Apollo, Pennsylvania.
  11. Live Support
    Help is always just a phone call away!
  12. Option to Own
    When you fall in love with your Chickens to Go, you can decide to make them your own. Rental fees are applied to make the purchase price an absolute steal!
Available Upgrades
  1. Expanded Chicken Yard
    Give your hens more room to roam while keeping them safe from predators and neighborhood dogs by adding an additional fenced enclosure.
  2. Chicken Tractor
    Put your hens to work getting rid of garden pests and fertilizing your yard as they go. Add retractable wheels to turn your coop into a mobile yard service.

Before purchasing a rental package, be sure that local laws, ordinances, and homeowner's association rules permit the keeping of backyard chickens. 

Chickens to Go is not responsible for any fines or legal actions that result from the rental of backyard chickens in areas where backyard chickens are not permitted. 

No refunds will be issued if chickens are returned due to legal restrictions.
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