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Renewable Wraps are a reusable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap, 

hand crafted from 100% natural beeswax and cotton. These wraps take advantage of the natural properties of beeswax to provide a breathable, waterproof food storage solution that discourages the growth of bacteria to keep foods fresh. 

Renewable Wraps are the ONLY beeswax wrap on the market that can last indefinitely!

With proper use and care, each Renewable Wrap will last for up to a year. Best of all, this product can be refreshed or re-purposed.  Unlike plastic wrap, Unlike plastic wrap, Renewable Wraps never need to wind up in land fills, polluting our land and contaminating our water supply​.

Made from 100% Natural Materials
Renewable Wraps are made from only 100% natural cotton and unfiltered beeswax.

Natural, unfiltered beeswax contains not only wax, but also traces of pollen, honey, and propolis.

  1. Pollen is collected from flowers and used by the bees to make honey. The color and fragrance of pollen is unique to each species of flower. The exact color and scent of every batch of unfiltered beeswax varies due to the flowers available within the colony’s range.
  2. Honey contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants including flavonoids. Honey has been used as a sweetener, cough suppressant, and natural energy source since ancient times.
  3. Propolis is a substance produced by bees to make small repairs to the hive. Propolis is rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, and has been used as a natural remedy for many health problems for centuries
  4. .Beeswax provides warm, dry place for the Queen to lay her eggs and for the newly hatched larvae to develop.

While the beeswax protects developing bees from the weather, it is also breathable. The beeswax allows air to circulate to the larvae to support life, as well as provide oxygen and keep the developing bees warm or cool enough to continue to grow. This purpose is exactly what makes beeswax such a good food storage option. Renewable Wraps are waterproof and breathable, providing ideal storage conditions for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Because Renewable Wraps are made with 100% natural, unfiltered beeswax, they will smell like honey the first few times you use them.  This scent will completely fade over time.
Using Renewable Wraps
With proper use and care, each Renewable Wrap will last for up to a year.   Renewable Wraps are both easy to use and easy to care for!
Simply wrap around the food item or dish and hold your hands on the wrap for a moment. The heat from your hands will help to soften the beeswax, allowing it to conform to any shape.

Use on cold or room temperature foods only.
Caring for your Renewable Wraps is easy!

Just wash with mild soap and cold water, then air dry between uses. 
Re-purposing Renewable Wraps
  1. Use as Compost
    Use as Compost
    Cut worn wraps into strips and add to your compost pile. Renewable Wraps are 100% compostable.
  2. Use as a Fuel Source
    Use as a Fuel Source
    Wrap around kindling wood to use as a natural, non-toxic fire starter.
  3. Renew Them!
    Renew Them!
    Renewable Wraps can be Renewed and used Indefinitely!

Renewable Wraps are the ONLY beeswax wrap on the market that can last indefinitely!

 When Renewable Wraps reach the end of their life as a food wrap, there are three options for extending or re-purposing the product:
Renewing Renewable Wraps

Simply drop your Renewable Wraps in mail and Chickens to Go will renew your wraps and send them back to you for another year of use. We offer one free renewal for every Renewable Wrap we sell. You get two years of use for one low purchase price!

Additional renewals cost a fraction of the original purchase price, making Renewable Wraps the only long-lasting and truly economical beeswax wrap on the market. 

Renewable Wraps are Available in Attractive Patterns that you will Love!
Renewable Wraps are available in several sizes and  fabric patterns to suit your taste and meet your needs
7 inches x 7 inches
10 inches x 10 inches
13 inches x 13 inches